LoanShark provides analysis for several types of financial products, including:

  • Personal Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Auto Leases

Depending on the product and the particulars, LoanShark provides a quick results view of the product such as, the payment and the projected total interest paid, a more detailed Summary view that can be shared right from within LoanShark and a comprehensive individualized report containing not just the payment summary, but a number of suggestions and recommendations that could potentially save you hundreds or thousands, depending on the product. Let’s look at a few of these features!

Summary Report

In addition to the quick view, LoanShark offers a summary report, generated based on the product parameters that provides a payment schedule showing the principal and interest breakdown of the loan.

The amortization table provides you with a quick look as to how much interest is paid on each of the schedued payments. 

You can quickly share the report uisng email or have it stored right on the device.

Detailed Report

For a more comprehesive report, select the Report option. A customized report is generated and delivered via email to the address setup in the settings section. Use this report to view suggestions and recommendations to save money and be informed when borrowing!

Customized and Personalized

Each report is specific to the loan product being considered. Review the suggestions and recommendations to make informed decisions. Some of recommendations can easily save you hundreds and even thousands over the lifetime of the loan.

Product Summary

The product summary not only summarizes the loan, it lists specific things you can do to save money! What is the impac of varying the frequency of the payments? What would I save if I could get the interest rate dropped by one half of a percent? What is the effect of the amortization period of my loan on the total interest I would pay? It is suggestions and recommendations like this that LoanShark offers.


In addition to the textual summary, LoanShark also offers a comprehensive set of charts that visually demonstrate the effects of:

  • Interest rate variance
  • Amortization period
  • Payment frequency

The charts quickly show the impact of these loan parameters and provide you with powerful information that could save you lots of money!

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